GPS Reminder (or Espuny Index)

hec products

In our informative tables the gps of each quality appears. This index is the most accurate and appropriate measure of fat unsaturation (gps = degree of peni- saturation).

But how is it calculated? The% of each unsaturated fatty acid is multiplied by the square root of its number of double bonds.- All these products are added together and the total is divided by 100. Very useful for calculating the «hardness» of the fat in the pig carcass .

We give some examples:

fat gps
butter __________ 0.37
sebum _______________ 0,47
palm ______________ 0,53
lard ______ 0.58
Iberian pork id _____ 0.74
"Yelow grease" ________ 0.82
Olive _______________ 0,88
rape _______________ 1.04
soybeans, sunflower __________ 1,12