GPS reminder (or Espuny Index)

hec Products

The GPS of each quality appears in our information tables. This index is the most accurate and appropriate measure of fat unsaturation (gps = degree of peni-saturation).

But how is it calculated? The % of each unsaturated fatty acid is multiplied by the square root of its number of double bonds. All these products are added and the total is divided by 100. Very useful for calculating the "hardness" of the fat in the pork carcass. .

We give some examples:

fat gps
butter __________0.37
tallow _______________0.47
palm ______________0.53
lard ______0.58
Iberian pig ID _____0.74
“yellow grease” ________0.82
olive _______________0.88
rapeseed _______________1.04
soybeans, sunflower __________1.12