About the website

(And about our passion for information technologies)

Here at RIOSA another of our passions is systems engineer and computers. not in vain our first website started operating in 1995, just 6 years after the inventor of the World Wide Web concept, Tim Berners-Lee created the first web page using the protocol Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) in 1989 in the CERN on the border of Switzerland and France, near the city of Geneva.

In that year, 1995, web pages in Spain were very scarce, and were practically reduced to universities and other official institutions. Private or company web pages were practically non-existent, so that effort was just an exercise in self-improvement, since its useful effect (visits to our page to publicize our company) were scarce until many years later, when the The use of information technologies spread to the entire population and therefore to the industrial and livestock sector.

Even so, that effort already demonstrated at that time how much we cared about R&D in our company.

Our web services have always been based on our own servers physically housed in our facilities, inheriting the philosophy of 1995, when the concept of "cloud" did not exist, and external web hosting services were scarce and expensive. Thus, we have preserved our preference for keeping all the services we provide abroad within the company, which gives us enormous control over them, and makes it easier for us to comply today with the rigorous and necessary requirements of the data protection laws, since the data of our clients is not transferred to external web hosting services, which implies agreements with other companies, often multinationals and with a structure that is too large to worry about the needs of a Spanish SME.

This philosophy obliges us to maintain an expert team of IT employees to maintain and update our internet services, but from our point of view it is more efficient than delegating the maintenance of these services to external multinationals.

Similarly, in the IT team we have always believed in the philosophy and use of free software, and in free operating systems, especially in the system Linux. We use them extensively across all of our servers, workstations, and applications, and we encourage their use wherever possible. We believe that the flexibility, freedom and efficiency that is achieved with the use of solutions based on free software is not comparable to any other solution on the market.

For informational purposes we detail on the right links to only the most important pieces of software that make this website possible.

· OS Linux

Linux distribution DEBIAN

Linux distribution UBUNTU

· Web server APACHE

· Programming language HTML

· Programming language PHP

· Data server MYSQL

· Web Application WORDPRESS