Update of the technical data sheets

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The new versions of the technical specifications of all our products are already available on the web. Just go to our product pages for animal nutrition or products for chemical industry to obtain them.

GPS Reminder (or Espuny Index)

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In our informative tables the gps of each quality appears. This index is the most accurate and appropriate measure of fat unsaturation (gps = degree of peni- saturation). But how is it calculated? The% of each unsaturated fatty acid is multiplied by the square root of its number of double bonds.- All these products are added together and the ...

Our products and the «OMG-Free»

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For those who wish, we have guaranteed GMO-free products. Following what was ordered by Brussels in regulations 1829/2003 and 1830/2003, currently in force, we have begun to inform in our delivery notes and invoices if our product is "free of GMOs" or is "produced from GMOs", in all or in part (it is enough that a ...