Archive of RIOSA fact sheets

2000 - 2006

This file can find our famous Fact Sheets, or as we like to call them, Parroquiale Leavess. Created by our founder Benjamín Espuny, our Parish Sheets they were a compendium of ingenuity, creativity, curiosity and intelligence.

They started as monthly publications to spread the prices of our products, but soon after they published all kinds of news from newspapers, various curiosities, interesting photos, riddles and even contests.

Benjamín's capacity for observation and synthesis is clearly evident when reading them. The curious matters and news that are exposed are innumerable. So much so that, shortly after its publication began, it was already read and consumed by our most restless and curious customers. And not only for them but also many friends and acquaintances who, even without any relationship with our market, enjoyed reading and the riddles that were proposed there.

The Parish Sheets comenzaron su andadura en el año 2000, y Benjamín continuó publicándolas hasta su repentino fallecimiento en abril de 2006. De hecho la publicación de su última hoja coincide con el día de su defunción.

We wanted to reproduce them here for their undoubted interest and for the pleasant memory that our oldest customers keep of them. Many of them still ask us where they can find them, and why we do not keep publishing new editions. We fear that our wisdom, vast knowledge of history and geography and creativity are not up to par and we would do a sad role in trying to continue with this tradition, so we prefer to simply collect them here for use and enjoyment by anyone who wants to.