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During the current international crisis due to the pandemic COVID-19, since RIOSA we want to assure all our clients that we will remain active and functioning as indispensable that we are in the first link of the agri-food chain, providing our raw materials for animal feed.

For this we are taking all the necessary measures to avoid contagions in our facilities, making use of all the necessary EPIS by our staff, and submitting to all external workers who access our facilities even a rigorous check-up to prevent the spread of disease , as well as respecting the necessary social distancing measures until the virus is eradicated.

With everyone's effort we will be able to defeat this disease !!!

Information Sheets Archive

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Our famous Information Sheets, or as we like to call them, Parish Sheets. Created by our founder Benjamín Espuny, our Parish Sheets they were a compendium of ingenuity, creativity, curiosity and intelligence.

They started as monthly publications to spread the prices of our products, but soon after they published all kinds of news from newspapers, various curiosities, interesting photos, riddles and even contests.

For those who remember and yearn for them and for the restless and curious. Very pleasant reading and extremely interesting.


New translations available

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We have been working hard the last months to start up this new web of RIOSA. Today we complete it with the complete translation of the site into 15 languages. We hope we have covered all the most common options, but if you need any more, please write to us and we will do everything possible to include the new translation.

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Update of the technical data sheets

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The new versions of the technical specifications of all our products are already available on the web. Just go to our pages of products for animal nutrition or of products for chemical industry to obtain them.

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FIGAN 2019

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RIOSA has been present at the 14th FIGAN held in Zaragoza from March 19 to 22, 2019. We have been happy to receive our customers and friends at our stand as always. A very productive fair, full of meetings and days for the development of animal production.

Convocatoria de la Junta General Ordinaria de accionistas

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El Consejo de Administración de RIOSA-REFINACION INDUSTRIAL OLEICOLA S.A. convoca Junta General Ordinaria de Accionistas a celebrar el próximo día 30 de Abril de 2020, a las 10 h en primera convocatoria, y el día siguiente a la misma hora en segunda convocatoria, en el domicilio social sito en Ibros (Jaén), Barriada del Puente s/n, con arreglo al siguiente,


Primero: Ratificación de la constitución de la Junta Universal, del Orden del Día, así como de los cargos de Presidente y Secretario de la misma.

Segundo: Aprobación, si procede, de la gestión del órgano de administración de la entidad, correspondiente al ejercicio cerrado el 31/10/2019.

Tercero: Aprobación, si procede, de las cuentas anuales correspondientes al ejercicio cerrado el 31/10/2019.

Cuarto: Aprobación, si procede, de la Propuesta de Aplicación del resultado del citado ejercicio.

Quinto: Ratificar la retribución del Consejo de Administración.

Sexto: Lectura y aprobación del acta.

En Ibros, a 13 de Marzo de 2.020.-

El Presidente del Consejo de Administración, Don Hugo L. Espuny Camacho.

GMP + B1 quality certification

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In our constant commitment to the quality, RIOSA is proud to have recently achieved the prestigious GMP + quality certification, in the manufacturing scheme B1. Thanks to the quality achieved in our products and the proven safety that these have shown in the exhaustive tests carried out by accredited external laboratories, we have been granted by the prestigious German company TÜV. This certification demonstrates our commitment to quality and not only compliance with existing regulations on food safety, but we go much further in the levels of quality and safety of our products. Our goal is to offer our customers maximum peace of mind in feeding their animals.

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FIGAN 2017

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We will be present at the 13th FIGAN 2017 (International Fair for Animal Production), which is held in the ZARAGOZA Fair grounds from March 17 to 20. The most important livestock event in Spain. You can find us in Hall 6, booth I / 28, where we will be happy to welcome you, and we will show you our products on site as well as the novelties that we have available this year for animal feed.

We have invitations that we can provide.

Ask us!
FIGAN 2017

50th Anniversary of RIOSA

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The next day June 26 of the current 2015 we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of our company RIOSA since its foundation in 1965. Half a century of trajectory marked by our commitment to service our customers and our commitment to quality in our products.

FIGAN 2015

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We will be present, as always, at the 12th FIGAN 2015 (International Fair for Animal Production), which is held at the ZARAGOZA Fair from March 17 to 20, the most important livestock event in Spain. You can find us in Hall 6, booth I / 28, where we will be happy to welcome you, and we will show you our products on site as well as the novelties that we have available this year for animal feed. We have invitations that we can provide.