RIOSA and Kyoto

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By purchasing oleins from RIOSA, the customer has the security and satisfaction that they are doing everything possible to fight against the greenhouse effect, against the global warming of our planet, and fully respecting the Kyoto agreement and Protocol.

In effect, RIOSA only burns biomass at home in its boiler and dryers. RIOSA has not used any fossil fuels for more than 20 years. Any other boiler that RIOSA sets up will always consume biomass, that is, not contributing a single gram of CO2 to the atmosphere that was not already in it.

And when there are trucks that consume hydrogen instead of oil, RIOSA will force all its transporters to use only hydrogen as fuel.

It is true that at the present time we still consume electrical energy from the grid, and that this may have been produced with coal (100% harmful) or with oil (59,12% harmful). But our imminent goal is to supply ourselves with cogeneration that will only burn biomass (0% harmful) and natural gas for eventual support in times of shortage (44,86% harmful).

We will try to progress, although we may not reach the model of Japan (there is a reason Kyoto is next to Tokyo, same letters in a different order), where the Government is currently planning to provide incentives for employees (like the one seen in the photo) to go to work. I work without a jacket, so as not to have to turn on the air conditioning so hard and not consume so much energy, not to increase fossil CO2 in the atmosphere so much.