Our products and the "OMG-Free"

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For those who wish, we have guaranteed products free of GMOs.


Following what was ordered by Brussels in regulations 1829/2003 and 1830/2003, currently in force, we have begun to inform in our delivery notes and invoices if our product is "free of GMOs" or is "produced from GMOs", in all or in part (it is enough that a small percentage of the product is so that the sambenito has to be awarded to the whole).

It is well known that fat does not have amino acids, nor therefore DNA, and therefore can not undergo genetic modifications.- But if for example our XL product contains some soybean olein, as the majority of the soybean that is produced is transgenic , we are obliged to put it. This date of 19.04.2004 in which this obligation began should be preserved for posterity, at least as long as the date of 31.03.1888 (St. Benjamin's Day) is preserved as that of the invention of spiritism and communication with the dead. A session of these would be convenient to have celebrated the three navigators of the globe that burned down on Santiago de Compostela on 04.24.04, before embarking on their unfortunate event.