The EU once again authorizes the use of animal protein for animals, this time excluding intraspecies cannibalism.

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20 years after the Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) crisis, also known as the "mad cow" crisis, the European Union has once again approved, after long studies, the use of animal protein in animal feed, always that certain rules are met that expressly exclude intraspecies cannibalism.

We remember here our entry about it of April 10, 2012, as well as our informational page December 1, 2003 and memorandum of May 6, 2004 of the European Commission.

In summary, from now on it will be allowed to use flour of pork origin to feed poultry, and vice versa, which will lead to better use of very useful materials that were previously lost as waste. It will also allow the use of collagen and gelatin of ruminant origin in non-ruminants. And as a novelty, the use of insect protein in poultry and pork is allowed. Previously, the use of said insect protein was only allowed for fish feeding. The prohibition on the use of proteins of bovine origin for all uses is maintained, following what was learned in the BSE crisis.