Call for the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders

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The Board of Directors of RIOSA-REFINACION INDUSTRIAL OLEICOLA SA. in accordance with the legal and statutory precepts, calls the shareholders to the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders to be held on April 30, 2020, at 10 a.m. on first call, and the following day at the same time on second call. call, at the registered office located in Ibros (Jaén), Barriada del Puente s/n, in accordance with the following


First: Ratification of the constitution of the Universal Board, the Agenda, as well as the positions of President and Secretary thereof.

Second: Approval, if applicable, of the management of the entity's administrative body, corresponding to the year closed on 10/31/2019.

Third: Approval, if applicable, of the annual accounts corresponding to the year ended 10/31/2019.

Fourth: Approval, if applicable, of the Application Proposal of the result of the aforementioned exercise.

Fifth: Ratify the remuneration of the Board of Directors.

Sixth: Reading and approval of the minutes.

The right of shareholders to request in writing, prior to the Board meeting or verbally during it, the reports or clarifications they deem necessary regarding the matters included in the Agenda, to the Administrative Body, is stated. who will provide it orally or in writing, according to the time and nature of the information requested in accordance with article 197 of the Consolidated Text of the Capital Companies Law.

In Ibros, March 18, 2020.

The President of the Board of Directors, Mr. Hugo L. Espuny Camacho.