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It is incredible the ability that some politicians have to offend with every action they take and the other many to put an end to everything possible and impossible. Teresa Jordá, the Catalan counselor [...]

Farmers in Castilla y León are currently receiving late payment interest corresponding to the debt of € 3 ton of beet for the 2011/2012 campaign. With these payments, UCCL will [...]

A neighbor of the Laxas site, in the municipality of Ortigueira, has been admitted to the hospital since Thursday for an injury caused after being attacked by a wild boar. The 64-year-old man found himself [...]

It is still in a period of allegations and therefore pending approval and publication in the Official Gazette of the Community of Castilla y León the regulation and call for aid, motivated [...]

The president of Asaja in Castilla y León, Donaciano Dujo, has denounced the incompetence of the administrations in the management of the plague of voles that affects 1,610,000 hectares in the provinci [...]