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Cereal prices are being sutured at the same level as the expected production for this campaign: In free fall. If in the last weeks there was any variety that was saved from the descens [...]

The forest fire declared on Saturday afternoon in Gran Canaria affects an area of 6,000 hectares, the number of evacuees already amounts to 9,000 people and the objective of the e-device [...]

The provincial traffic headquarters has established special traffic measures for special agricultural vehicles in La Rioja, on the occasion of the harvest season, which will take effect from the [...]

Cooperatives Agro-alimentary de Jaén, in line with the work that is being done to strengthen cooperativism and guarantee the best financial conditions for federated entities and their [...]

The president of the fruit and vegetable sector of Agro-food Cooperatives of Spain, Cirilo Arnandis, recalled the threat of "black spot" disease from South Africa to [...]