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Our famous Fact Sheets, or as we like to call them, Parochial Sheets. Created by our founder Benjamín Espuny, our Parochial Sheets were a compendium of ingenuity, creativity, curiosity and intelligence. They started as monthly publications to spread the prices of our products, but in a short time they published all kinds of news from newspapers, curiosities ...

New translations available

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We have been working hard the last months to start up this new web of RIOSA. Today we complete it with the complete translation of the site into 15 languages. We hope we have covered all the most common options, but if you need any more please do not hesitate to write to and we will do our best to include the new translation.

Cannibalism intra species

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We understand that it is totally forbidden within the same animal species and not only for the protein, but for all slaughterhouse by-products. Therefore, sebum can not be used in ruminants, lard can not be used in pigs, etc. According to the European Commission MEMO / 04/107 Brussels, 6 May 2004 QUESTIONS And Answers on animal by-products Intra-species ...

RIOSA and Kyoto

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When buying RIOSA oleinas, the client has the security and satisfaction that he is doing everything possible to fight against the greenhouse effect, against the global warming of our planet, and respecting the agreement and the Kyoto Protocol as much as possible. In effect, RIOSA only burns biomass in the home of its boiler and dryers. RIOSA does not use since ...

Our products and the "OMG-Free"

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For those who wish, we have guaranteed products free of GMOs. Following what was ordered by Brussels in regulations 1829/2003 and 1830/2003, currently in force, we have begun to inform in our delivery notes and invoices if our product is "free of GMOs" or is "produced from GMOs", in all or in part (enough that a ...